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We've been outsourcing all our really important web design and programming work to DigSam for over three years.. The thing we like most is DigSam's scrupulous honesty. The team is very hard working. If you want to hand over some work and forget about it, hand it over to DigSam. These Dudes Rock
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Creating and managing Web and e-mail content has become a challenge as content grows and becomes more complex. In addition, markets are demanding more content tailored to their needs. The DigSam content management system provides improved control over Web content with browser-based content management that can instantly publish personalized marketing material formatted by graphical templates.

The growing use of the Web by consumers and businesses has created experienced and very sophisticated Web users who look for sites with in-depth content tailored to their needs and interests.

This creates a challenge for Web marketers to present an increasing amount of professionally developed content that appeals to the audience. At the same time, sites are tailoring content and adding interactivity to provide more services to their customers, which increases the complexity of content development.

The solution is to use DigSam's CMS for Web, a content management system that helps manage the workflow of creating, editing, reviewing, and publishing a wide variety of marketing content.

As Web sites evolve from static pages to dynamic site generation, DigSam's content management system provides significant improvement in managing the Web site. The benefits of a CMS include being able to enter, approve, and schedule content without being concerned about HTML codes and graphical formats.

This is possible because the DigSam content management system can be customized to allow your content creators to enter just their content using familiar Web forms with a visual HTML editor that saves material in a centralized content database.

Then, graphical templates use profile data and marketing rules to select content from the database, format it, and display it to each user in real time. It's also important for a CMS to manage the workflow so that content creators enter material that is reviewed by editors and managers before being published on the Web site or in e-mail messages.

How does CMS work??

Three types of activities performed by three teams of people - are involved in creating a Web site with the Coravue CMS:

1) Content developers enter material into Web forms where it is stored in a database.
2) Graphic designers create graphical templates that control how the content is displayed.
3) Marketers create rules that determine which content is displayed using each person's profile to tailor content.

By separating the three activities, each team can focus on its area of responsibility. Then, the CMS combines content, templates, and rules to target the right people and tailor content to deliver the right message for each person.

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