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We've been outsourcing all our really important web design and programming work to DigSam for over three years.. The thing we like most is DigSam's scrupulous honesty. The team is very hard working. If you want to hand over some work and forget about it, hand it over to DigSam. These Dudes Rock
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The Client
Our client has one of the largest auto parts store in Australia.
The Business challenge
Client wanted an interactive online store for his customers. He wanted to create an online market place where the buyers and sellers can interact. A seller can post advertisement to sell a car/car part then a buyer can come and search for the same.
The Solution
We developed and delivered the applications in a phased manner by converting their existing database to a web friendly database. We developed an architecture where the users can interact with each other. At the same time we had an area where all the products from Auto parts were searchable and online shopping facility was provided for the same.

In addition to this Digsam provided client with an easy to use admin interface where clients is always in control of all the products shown on the website.
Technical Environment
Hardware Environment - Linux
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An online market place where the buyers and sellers can interact

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